How To Get NHS Contracts

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Phronesis Healthcare has just launched a new product in the form of an instructional video. Is your care business up and running, but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t know where to turn? Then this training programme is for you. Your business may have reached a peak with what you are currently doing.

We find that some organisations have a domiciliary agency and want to branch out into providing temporary healthcare professionals to the NHS. We can help you do this. You’ll get all the templates you need and have our video showing you how to get contracts; step-by-step.

What will you get?

1. Phronesis Healthcare instructional video with Ten hours of content on how to:

a) Source staff
b) Apply for contracts
c) Register with government procurement systems
d) Find contracts
e) Register staff to work for your agency
f) Present to potential clients
g) Build a database for client nursing and residential homes
h) Build a database for staff
i) Express an interest
j) Bid for NHS contracts
k) Write terms and conditions into contracts
l) Process procurement contracts
m) Understand contract stages

3. Nursing agency documentation including a templated “Client’s Terms of Business For Temporary and Permanent Staff”.

4. Templated client guide

5. Presentation folder checklist

6. Templated client price guide

7. Templated Agency Worker Regulations opt-out letter

8. Templated staff policies for nursing agency

9. Templated staff handbook

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